Specialist groundwater technology

Real-time in situ monitoring of subsurface

Dr Barber developed diffusion cell technology with CSIRO and the CRC for Waste Management and Pollution Control, and is senior author on two patents relating to this technology. These devices allow real-time, in situ monitoring of concentrations of gases such as oxygen and methane, and volatile organic contaminants in soil and groundwater. Devices for monitoring dissolved oxygen and VOCs using this principle have been commercialised in Australia and overseas.

International Patents

PM7074 A method and apparatus for environmental monitoring of low concentration levels of organic compounds (CRC for Waste Management and Pollution Control, UNSW, Sydney)
PCT/AU94/00714 Diffusion cell (CSIRO Division of Land and Water)

Provision of high quality drinking water in areas with deficient water supplies

Crisalis International has also developed a system for in situ (downhole) desalination of brackish groundwater. A prototype system has been fabricated and tested and negotiations are on-going for commercial development of the unique system. This innovative technology potentially would find application in arid regions where the only available water is brackish and/or of poor quality. Additionally, the technology could be applied to coastal areas or small island communities where freshwater is not readily available.

International Patent

PCT/AU2005/000052   Water desalination

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