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Dr Barber joined CSIRO in 1983 after working 10 years in the UK with the Water Research Centre on UK Government and European union projects.

Research projects include the Bioremediation of soil and groundwater contaminated by oil hydrocarbons for BHP, researching the effects of urbanisation on groundwater in urban areas, and currently, developing a commercial groundwater desalination system.

Research projects and grants through CSIRO, CGS and Crisalis in Australia are summarised below.


Research Projects and Associated Activities

1986-89 Groundwater pollution from point sources: (AWRAC/ WA?EPA/ WAWA/ Atlas Group/Mindarie Development Authority)
1989-91 Effects of urbanisation on groundwater quality: (AWRAC/WAWA)
1989-95 Leaching of organic compounds, nitrogen and phosphorus to groundwater in urban areas: (WAWA)
1990-92 Groundwater pollution, Mindarie landfill: (Mindarie Development Authority)
1991-95 Vulnerability of groundwater to pollution: (LWRRLD/NSW - DWR/SA - EWS/WAWA)
1990-95 Bioremediation of soil and groundwater contaminated by oil hydrocarbons (BHP)
1993-99 CRC for Waste Management and Pollution Control Ltd, On-line monitoring of industrial pollutants (Project leader)
1995-99 International Centre for Water Resources Research and Environmental Technologies, PR China - Australia. AusAID - IDP Education Australia (Institutional Linkages Program) - Project Leader
1990-2000 CSIRO Program leader responsible for projects on dryland salinity, investigation and prediction of impacts of industrial pollutants ( munitions residues (for DoD), chlorinated solvent spillages, ammonium sulphate waste pollution and recovery (WMC), petroleum contamination and cleanup (BP), minewaste management (Rio Tinto), landfill gas recovery (Atlas Group), nitrate remediation and marine discharge (NHT-Cleanseas, KIC, WA DC&T, CGS partners).
1995-present On-going funding for CGS research [aquifer sustainability, surface water groundwater interaction and groundwater dependent ecosystems, aquifer storage and recovery technologies, remediation and restoration of degraded environments and short-course and postgraduate training.
2004-05 Commercialising Emerging Technology (COMET) developing a commercial groundwater desalination system.


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